Building Your Box-Scripture Memory

It is pointless to memorize something if you will forget it a couple weeks later. How do you keep from forgetting things? Use a memory system.

I try and memorize scripture passages, but if I forget them it does me no good, yet the only way I knew how was reciting them over and over again throughout the week. But that is very time consuming and difficult. Thankfully my mom showed my an easier method.

Enter the Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System. You can find the instructions here. This system makes it easy to keep the verses memorized, but not have to recite them everyday.

I have started implementing this system for my memory verses. I am writing all my verse out on 3×5 cards, I also made my own dividers out of card stock (for the 41 dividers you need it would be expensive to buy them all, this way they can be personalized). I got a small plastic box from walmart. It is big enough that it should take me a long while to fill it up.

This system could also be used for other things. I am also reviewing and learning the rest of the Shorter Catechism. It could be used for memorizing facts for school, especially if you need to know them for finals and such tests.

I am so glad my mom found this, it has gotten me motivated to work on my scripture memory again. I hope this is a help to y’all!

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