Learn to Knit-The Easy Way

I am very blessed in that I have a very talented grandmother who is an extremely good knitter and sewer. She was the one who taught me how to knit. I’m not sure how long ago that was but I was pretty young and my first piece had plenty of whole holes and the sides were very uneven (I was constantly dropping and making new stitches). I wish I still had that piece but I gave to my cousin for a baby blanket for her doll. Thankfully, I have improved.

How? I have knitted dozens of projects. Since, at the time I was taught, my grandmother was not close enough to help me anytime I needed it and since my mother was also learning to knit we turned to books for help (and sometimes urgent calls to grandma). My favorite learn to knit book: The Klutz Learn to Knit Kit.

We had gotten a learn to knit book before this but they didn’t have very good illustrations. The Klutz book is amazing. They have illustrations for every single explanation and project. The teach you how to cast on several ways, knit and purl stitch, and how to cast off. They also have helpful things for when you drop a stitch, how to unravel, and buying more yarn. There are six projects in it. All of them are pretty simple, useful, and well-explained. I have made five out of the six projects in the book and had great success.

I highly recommend this book for anybody who is struggling knitting or wants to learn. It has great explanations and simple projects to get you started. It also comes with the needles and yarn you need to knit several of the projects.

It is overall the best learn to knit book I have.  If you have been waiting to learn to knit don’t put it off any longer. Get this book and learn. It is such a fun activity to do and you can make all kinds of things.

Happy Knitting!

P.S. This is the first of my posts on knitting. I have been knitting for years and am still knitting. Look for posts about my current projects soon.

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