Beaded Paper Bookmark Tutorial

I love doing lots of different crafts and one of those is beading. I have made many bracelets, necklaces, watches, and other beaded items. So when a beaded item brakes my sister (who also does a lot of beading stuff) or I fixes it. I was tasked with fixing a bookmark of my Mom’s. Someone had given her a paper bookmark with a beaded ‘tail’ and the ‘tail’ had broken.

It was a pretty simple fix and the bookmark looks great, so I thought I would create a tutorial for making Beaded Paper Bookmarks. Keep in mind this is my first tutorial. Hope you like it.

Beaded Paper Bookmark Tutorial


You Will Need


One or two pieces of scrapbook paper
Glue or Double Stick Tape
Hole Puncher
Paper Cutter
Rounder Punch

Beaded Tail
Assorted Beads to Coordinate with Bookmark
Jump Ring
Tigertail Wire
Crimp Tube
Crimp Tool

Make It


  1. Cut out your scrapbook paper into two 2”x6” pieces.
  2. Glue or use double stick tape to attach the paper back to back.
  3. Punch a hole in the middle top of the bookmark.
  4. Round the corners using either scissors or a rounder punch.

Beaded Tail

  1. Put your jump ring around the hole in the bookmark.
  2. Cut your wire to more than twice the length of your beads.
  3. Thread your first bead (this bead will be on the end of the tail farthest from the bookmark) onto one of the sides of the wire.
  4. Fold the wire in half, with your first bead in the middle, and thread the rest of the beads onto both of the wires. It should now look like this:IMG_7618
  5. Thread a crimp tube onto both wires right after the last bead.
  6. Thread the wires around the jump ring and back through the crimp tube. It should look like this:                                                             IMG_7620
  7. Pull this tight, crimp the tube, and cut the wire.

IMG_7623You’re done! You now have a beautiful beaded paper bookmark.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. You can download a PDF version of this tutorial by clicking here: Beaded Paper Bookmark Tutorial PDF

A Couple Notes:

1. I showed a bead board in the picture with all the materials, I did not list this because it is not necessary. It is very helpful however and can be bought for only a couple dollars from Hobby Lobby and JoAnns (most likely any store that has bead items will sell these also).

2. You don’t have to have a bookmark made from two different papers, or even from more than one piece of paper, this just makes it stronger.

3. All of the items needed can be purchased from most craft stores. I get all mine from Hobby Lobby and JoAnns.

I have several more beading projects I’m working on now, so maybe you’ll be seeing some more beading tutorials soon. I hope you enjoy making your own Beaded Paper Bookmark!

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