DIY Emi-Jays

IMG_8415 EditedWhen a crafty person sees something they like they look at the price tag then  after a cry of exclamation at the price they declare “I could make that!” Isn’t this true for most of us?

Well if you have ever gotten one of the Emi-Jay hair ties you know how expensive they are. They cost several dollars apiece. If you want those hair ties but don’t want to pay that kind of money for it what is the solution? Make it yourself.

My sister found this blog which had directions to make them. You can visit it here. The only change we made to their directions was to fray check the ties. Do this after you have cut them into 12″ lengths, but before you tie them. This way the ribbon won’t start unraveling.

The photo above is of some Emi-Jays my mom made for my sisters and I. She purchased the ribbon at a local store for a reasonable price. You can also order the ribbon online from an etsy seller. They mentioned it on the blog with the directions. The cheapest I saw of those they listed was this seller. You can buy ten yards (you get to choose the colors) for only $4.99 Assuming you use 12″ per hair tie (which may seem like a lot but you really do need that much) then each hair tie costs only 17 cents not including shipping. That’s a lot better then $2 a hair tie.

I hope that you enjoy making your own Emi-Jays, and enjoy the savings!

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