Knitting Technique: One-Needle Cast On

Most of us like quick and easy methods of doing something. I do. Sometimes the quick and easy method seems more difficult to start with than the regular way. That is what I thought of the one-needle cast on method. For however many years I’ve been knitting (probably 6+) I have used the traditional method of casting on. The one-needle way intimidated me and I had no reason to try it.

Then I started knitting a Beaded Lace Scarf. This new project (which I will hopefully do a post on soon) was started by casting on using the one-needle cast on method. This method was necessary so that the beads could be “part of” the cast on row. I now had to learn the method and I did. I consulted my trusty Klutz Knitting Book and followed their instructions and illustrations. I practiced using scrap yarn so as not to mess up my nice yarn. It took me a couple tries but I finally got it and realized what I had been missing out on. It was so easy and fast. I will not be using the traditional method anymore.

Since some of you knitters out there may want to try it I found a good video of it online. You can also probably find instructions in any learn to knit books that you have. This video has a very good explanation and you can clearly see how the lady did it. You can view the video here.

Note that this method of cast on is more commonly know as Long-tail Cast on and also Continental Cast on, and Double Cast on. I believe there are one or two other methods for casting on with one needle but this is the one I saw in my knitting book and the one my pattern used.

I hope this is helpful.

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