Unique Gift Wrapping II

I told y’all I would be doing more posts on unique gift wrapping and now here’s another one. This idea was actually my mom’s and I thought I’d share it.

We were giving a salad bowl as a gift for a bridal shower. The only problem is that it’s big and breakable so packing it in a gift bag would be difficult and it would be hard to use wrapping paper, so… we used a table cover. My mom picked up a pretty turquoise disposable table cover at Walmart for only $0.97 (cheaper than a gift bag!). She put the bowl in the middle and gathered it up and around the top, then used some ribbon to keep it gathered. Since the table cover was a little big she tucked some of the “fluff” back into the ribbon. It turned out looking really nice. (I wish I had a picture but I neglected to take one, oops!).

So the next time you have a large, oddly shaped gift to wrap pick up a colored table cover and start wrapping!

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