WordPress.com Blogging Tutorial-How to Create a Front Page Slideshow a.k.a Featured Posts Slider

Since I was totally new to blogging I’m still learning how to utilize all the features and make my blog better!

I wanted to format my home page so that I could have a slideshow of pictures linked to some of my most popular posts above my actual feed of posts. I wanted something like this blog has. After a long while I figured it out and I wanted to share with you in case you want it and haven’t figured it out yet.

Here’s how to create a Featured Posts Slider on your WordPress.com blog.

  1. You need to determine if your theme actually has this option. Not all do. To find a theme that has a Post slider go to this page.
  2. Once you have a theme that has the post slider feature you need to determine the requirements for activating it. Once you fulfill these requirements your post slider will automatically appear on your home page. To Determine the requirements go to the information page for your theme. For example: I am running the Forever theme so my info page is here.
  3. The three requirements (which I think are the same except for the pixel width and height for the image which is different for each theme) are:

A. Make your post a sticky post. To do this go to the top right corner of your screen while editing a post. You’ll see the Publish box. Under that click edit right next to “visibility”. Select “stick this post to the front page”. Be aware that not only will making your post sticky make it show up in the post slider on your homepage (once you fulfill the other requirements) but it may also stay on your home page above the rest of your recent posts (this will depend on your theme, in the forever theme if you have a featured posts slider, whatever posts are on that slider will not show up in the actual feed).  To learn more about sticky posts go here.

B. You also need to set a featured image for your post. To do this go to the lower right corner of your screen while editing a post. You’ll see the box entitled Featured Image. Hit “set featured image”. It will have you select an image from the your media. Enter your caption if you like then hit “set featured image” and you’re done. At this point go to your home page and see if your post slider showed up and how the pictures look. If it didn’t show up head down to point C. below to edit your pictures. If they look great, congratulations you did it! But also be aware that not only will setting a featured image make your post slider work, it will also do other things. To learn more about featured images go here.

C. When I created my post slider all the post I wanted to showed up, however, if yours aren’t the right size they might not. To edit your image so it will show up  go back to the lower right hand corner and click on the featured image in your post editing window. It will bring you up with a smaller screen with a right sidebar. In this sidebar click edit. Then in the top of the sidebar in the next window is the scale function. Refer back to the information page for your theme to determine how big your picture has to be.  Type in one of these numbers, width first, height last. And click scale. It will say image saved and then click the back button at the bottom of the window. It will then take you back to the original window, double check and make sure the size is correct in the right sidebar and click set featured image. Make sure it shows up on your homepage and you’re done!

Now you have a post slider! I hope this tutorial helped you

Note: If you decide you want to remove the post slider just go back and reverse the steps you took. Remove the featured image and remove the sticky post feature.

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