Papercrafting-Bright Butterflies Quilled Card


A sweet little girl we know wrote me a note recently. I wanted to respond with a cute card. After having taken a break from quilling for a long time I decided to pull out my books and find a cute design. So I found this card design “Bright Butterflies” in my book Quill It Easy.

I modified it slightly from the book in order to fit what I had on hand but used pretty much the same color scheme. The dimensions of the card and green squares were different because I had a smaller card then the design called for. The only thing I wished I could of done which I didn’t do was to run the background paper through a crimper. This was in the original design and looks real nice but I don’t have a paper crimper.

As I mentioned this design came from a book Quill It Easy. This book has some real cute designs in it along with a couple pages on the basic materials needed and the basic shapes. I found mine at Hobby Lobby several year ago but I don’t think they carry it anymore. You can buy the e-book from the publisher here or order the print copy from amazon here.

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