Papercrafting-Snowflake Thank You Cards


Post Cover Photo
I always try to be prompt about writing thank you cards right after Christmas. I also like to make my own cards, not use bought ones. For thank you cards for this past Christmas I decided to get to work and make some shiny snowflake ones.

While I was prompt about making them I was obviously not prompt about posting this. However, I did think about posting it several times (and it’s the thought that counts), so please enjoy this 6 months late and get a head start for this Christmas.

For all of my cards I used a set of plain white cards and envelopes from Hobby Lobby, an embossing heat tool, and silver embossing powder. I also used small pieces of dark blue paper for the two cards just below. I used two different thank you stamps and a variety of snowflake stamps.Thank You Card with Blue Background

I really like the combination of silver and dark blue so that was my focus on the card above and below.Thank You Card 1

However silver still looks nice on a plain white background.

Thank You Card 3

I used one large snowflake stamp and did it three different ways: landscape, portrait, and portrait with thank you at the bottom.

Thank You Card 2

I have to say that the card below is my absolute favorite. I used two different small snowflake stamps and randomly positioned them on the card.

Thank You Card 4

I hope you’ll try out making your own snowflake cards. The possibilities are endless.

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