Tutorial-Grinch Pills and Snowman Poop (Christmas Wrap-up #1)

Grinch Pills and Snowman Poop-Free Tutorial and Printable from Everything Pudding

Wow, Christmas has come and gone super quickly. This year I made lots of handmade gifts. Now that Christmas is past I can share all about my projects without worrying about leaking classified information. I’ve got five or so posts to publish for all the different things I’ve made which you’ll be seeing in the coming week. As part of that I’ve also got some new tutorials for you, so keep watch. For now we’ll start with one of the really easy gifts I made this year, complete with a tutorial and printable.

I first came across the Grinch Pills and Snowman Poop while browsing Pinterest. I pinned them for later thinking I might use them. When it came time to shop and make gifts I pulled the ideas out for two of my family members.

These two are very easy gifts to make. Though this was not my original idea I ended up making my own labels because I couldn’t find what I needed. I also ended up using M&Ms instead of tic-tacs because I knew the gift recipients would like M&Ms better. So here’s a very simple tutorial (so simple I’m not sure I should even call it a tutorial, but I’ll do it anyway) and a printable I made just for you!

What You’ll Need:

 To Make It:

  1. Divide out the M&Ms by color into the Ziploc bags. You won’t be using the red ones so set those aside for another purpose or eat them. I used one bag’s share of green M&Ms for one bag of Grinch Pills and did the same for the Snowman Poop. You could also choose to put less in each bag so you need less M&Ms. Know, though, that depending on the bag, you might not get a lot of M&Ms of one color. The bag I used had twice as much red as it did white.
  2. Cut out your tags along the lines. Using double stick tape attach your tags to the cardstock. I had scraps of cardstock so I used different sizes for the snowman poop tag and the grinch pills tag. Make sure you have enough cardstock to fold over the bag and staple. The red cardstock below turned out to be a good size (approximately 4.5″ x 3.5″).
    Grinch Pills and Snowman Poop-Free Tutorial and Printable from Everything Pudding
  3. Fold the cardstock at the top so that the tag looks like it’s matted with similar margins on top and bottom. Fold the top of the snack bag over. Place the tag over and staple on both sides. (You’ll notice the green one is really wonky. That was my first try. You have to make sure that you hold the fold tight or else everything will move and it will end up wonky.)
    Grinch Pills and Snowman Poop-Free Tutorial and Printable from Everything PuddingGrinch Pills and Snowman Poop-Free Tutorial and Printable from Everything Pudding
  4. You’re done. Go give it to someone!

As always please use this tutorial for your personal use only. You may not copy the printable and post it on your own blog/site so instead please link back to my post.

Note: Inspiration and poem came from Pinterest. The clipart came from Microsoft Office Clipart Collection.


2 thoughts on “Tutorial-Grinch Pills and Snowman Poop (Christmas Wrap-up #1)

  1. Thank you for the free printable. Just to let you know….the grinch poem reads “kinds” grouchy, instead of “kinda” grouchy.

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