Papercrafting-Quilled Flower Cards

Quilled Flower Cards crafted by Everything Pudding

When I send a note to someone I like to make a card. For a while I had needed to send cards to two different people. So one day I finally sat down, picked out cards to make, and made them.

Quilled Flowers Card crafted by Everything Pudding

I looked through one of my quilling books: The Art of Paper Quilling and found a real pretty design which I snapped a picture of for you to see. This design was actually meant for a frame, but I liked the flowers so decided I would take two of the flowers, make them, and put one on each card.

Quilled Flower Cards crafted by Everything Pudding

The purple one I made was actually from modifying the middle flower in the picture. I didn’t have the right colors so I used what I had on hand. I think it turned out real pretty.

Quilled Flower Cards crafted by Everything Pudding

The second one I made was using the design for the fourth flower in the pictures. I really liked how it looked using two different pinks and the bunny ear flower petals. The leaves were done using a technique call fan husking. They took the longest to do but I like the way they look.

Quilled Flower Cards crafted by Everything Pudding

I think both the cards turned out real nice. I had so much fun making them. If you want to make them the instructions for these flowers and lots of other cute designs for frames, cards, place cards, and little paper gift bags can be found in the book: The Art of Paper Quilling. I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby but I don’t think they sell it anymore so I linked it to amazon’s page for the book.

Happy Quilling!


Papercrafting-Bright Butterflies Quilled Card


A sweet little girl we know wrote me a note recently. I wanted to respond with a cute card. After having taken a break from quilling for a long time I decided to pull out my books and find a cute design. So I found this card design “Bright Butterflies” in my book Quill It Easy.

I modified it slightly from the book in order to fit what I had on hand but used pretty much the same color scheme. The dimensions of the card and green squares were different because I had a smaller card then the design called for. The only thing I wished I could of done which I didn’t do was to run the background paper through a crimper. This was in the original design and looks real nice but I don’t have a paper crimper.

As I mentioned this design came from a book Quill It Easy. This book has some real cute designs in it along with a couple pages on the basic materials needed and the basic shapes. I found mine at Hobby Lobby several year ago but I don’t think they carry it anymore. You can buy the e-book from the publisher here or order the print copy from amazon here.