My Blog Has Moved

Thank you so much to those who have been following my blog here.

I have decided to rename my blog and thus move it to a different address. I’ll be posting the same type of things I’ve been posting here, food and crafts. This time though, it will be under my new name of Nibbles & Needles.

Please head over to my new blog and follow me so that you’ll continue to see all my posts. Plus, be sure to read my first post to get my recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies.



New Resource Page

After posting my last post with my recommendation for Learn to Knit books I though I’d start a resource page.

And I did. You can access it above, right under the blog title. It has the categories and under that links to posts in which I have recommended certain products or other things. Right now there is only one category and one post, but the list will grow with time.

Note: I will only be linking things that I personally like and have experience with.